Goat Collars

My mom has great ideas.  Actually, she has A LOT of really great ideas.  So many in fact, that she can’t implement them all.  That’s where my dad comes in.

Dad jokes that ever since he and Mom have been together, she dreams it – he does it.

One of those great ideas was that we should get collars for the goats that have their names on them, so people who are here for farm tours can easily identify all of our goats by name.  Seems simple enough, but collars for goats are a bit trickier than a dog or cat collar.

Since our goats love to spend time in the woods, they are outside a lot.  They also love to play rough, and establish their position in the herd.

goat collars_blog Of course, goats also LOVE to nibble at things to see what they are.  All of this combines to destroy every collar we’ve ever used on our goats – usually, in less time than it took for them to ship to us.

We couldn’t find anything that was durable enough for goats and could be personalized, without costing a million dollars to get collars for the whole herd.

Dad talked to a few different companies about the possibility of combining different collar types, or bulk discounts, or adding a nameplate.  Hot Dog Collars was finally able to work with us to create a collar that would be perfect for our herd.  The metal buckle and hole reinforcements don’t break like the plastic buckles found on many collars.  The Poly/Cotton blend is durable, and washable (a nice feature for after breeding season, or when they’re really dirty).  The price is reasonable, and the personalization options are awesome!

This video shows the collars and explains how we decide on the many different color options:

After working with us to customize collars for our goats, using materials they use in their dog collars, Todd at Hot Dog Collars was very excited to announce the launch of their official line of goat collars!  Also, because you found the link here, Hot Dog Collars is offering you a 15% off coupon.  Coupon code GoatMilkJim will apply 15% off any order placed with the following limitations – coupons cannot be stacked, 1 time use per customer.

As an added bonus, these collars are FOR LIFE!  They are “Fully Guaranteed if defective, chewed, broken, or even lost!”  

This is really cool because we like our goats to be able to wiggle out of their collars if they get hung up on something, so we intentionally leave them a little loose.  We don’t want to have a goat stuck in the woods or on a fence and not be able to get to water.

We have had these collars for over nine months, and so far we are extremely pleased with them. Once we decide on which baby goats we’re keeping from 2015’s kids, we’ll be ordering their collars!



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