Ball Chairs

When we first started Goat Milk Stuff, we needed an office to work from.  Jim set one up for me and surprised me with this ball chair*:

ball chair_blog

I admit, I was a little unsure of this chair when Jim proudly presented it to me, but after one week of using it, I was hooked.  The chair is good for my back, “cushy” for my bottom, and has wheels so I can easily push from one computer to another.

ball chair2_blog

The only problem?  Everyone else loved my ball chair and kept stealing it.

ball chairs_4

So what did Jim do?  Purchased several others so everone would stop stealing MY ball chair*!

ball chairs_3

The funny part is that when most people come through on a Farm tour, they ask to sit and try the ball chair*.  It’s really popular!





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