Happy Birthday, Greyden!

A couple of weeks ago, our Grey-Bear turned 12!

happy birthday greyden_blog_1

The other kids didn’t think that he could blow out all twelve candles with one blow, but he did!

happy birthday greyden_blog_2

After eating breakfast birthday cake, one of our birthday traditions, we moved on to another tradition – the birthday hugs!

happy birthday greyden_blog_3

happy birthday greyden_blog_4

Greyden wanted to pick everyone up to prove that he’s big and strong, but Hewitt wasn’t going along with that.

happy birthday greyden_blog_5

Fletcher thought it was funny,

happy birthday greyden_blog_6

but Emery decided he’d rather turn it into a wrestling match that moved all over the living room. They didn’t stop long enough for me to get a good picture. LOL

happy birthday greyden_blog_11

Colter did the same thing, and this was the best picture we got. Silly boys trying to prove how big and strong they are.

happy birthday greyden_blog_7

Mom and I just took a normal picture – we’re not crazy like the boys.

happy birthday greyden_blog_8

happy birthday greyden_blog_9

And Dad always sits in his chair for his picture – he has for as long as I can remember.

happy birthday greyden_blog_10

We can’t believe that Greyden is already 12! My little “birthday present” (he came home from the hospital on my birthday) is growing up! Love you, Grey-Bear!



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  • Christina Sherwood

    At least he just came home on your birthday. My younger brother was born on my birthday. While growing up it was not fun to share my day, as adults we love it and celebrate together every year.

    • Wow – I’m sure it wasn’t fun while you were growing up, but what a special thing! 🙂

    • goatmilkstuff

      Amazing how growing up changes our perspectives. 🙂 PJ