The Water Bill

I just sat down to pay bills. I looked at the water bill and said to myself out loud, “Hmmm… wonder why the water bill is so high?”

Apparently Jim heard me and replied, “Because I filled up the humidifier while we went to the China Garden Buffet.”

You what???

Apparently Jim set the humidifier in the sink and started filling it with purified water. He didn’t realize Grandma was taking us out to eat at the China Garden Buffet. During the chaos that always occurs when we load all eight children into the car, he apparently forgot that he was filling the humidifier.

Good thing the sink was not plugged up!






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  • JenT

    Oh my word! This happened to me just the night before last! I set the water pitcher with the filter in it to fill up and totally walked off and forgot it! Like you said it was a good thing the stopper wasn’t in! My dh found it at 4 a.m. when he got up.

  • PJ Jonas

    Be prepared for the water bill! Jim feels better that it’s not just him. LOL

  • Brenda Jean

    Well, that’s odd. BAHAHAHAHAHA I don’t think I’ve ever done that. Oh, but then again I have left sprinklers on outside for WAY too long. Never mind….