Autumn on the River

We were invited to be a vendor at Autumn on the River, a local festival in Bethlehem, Indiana. It was a beautiful weekend. Sunny and 60’s. The children had a great time. The National Guard was there with a climbing wall. Children 8 and over were allowed to climb it for free. Colter and Emery were able to climb to the top of even the “difficult” section. The guardsman told Jim that they were only the second and third kids to make it to the top all day. The first was a very lanky teenager. (Yes, that’s pride you detect in my tone.)

Brett and Cole (and sometimes Emery and Fletcher) are awesome salesmen and did a great job at the booth.

Emery’s highlight of the day was during Radio Disney’s visit. He won the hula hoop hot potato game (hold hands and pass the hula hoop around each person without letting go, person with the hula hoop is out). For that he got to pick a gift; he chose Sleeping Beauty on DVD.

Fletcher was runner up in the crazy dancing contest. Mom (who was still selling soap) got to hear the announcer say, “Careful Fletcher, before you hurt yourself – Mom’s gonna love all those grass stains.” It seems part of his crazy dancing involved throwing himself onto the ground – very Fletcher. 🙂

At the end of the day, there was a balloon glow which the children unanimously decided to stay and watch. Here is the family while they were filling the balloon.

It was a great end to a great day!




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  • Erin Tales

    That is a great family photo! Your booth set up looked wonderful! And that is AWESOME about the climbing wall!

  • Karen

    I was at the festival and I really enjoyed meeting all the children. I think the older ones are definitely sales people in the making. They enticed me to buy 5 bars, and by the way my husband and I love the soap. Please come back next year!

  • PJ Jonas

    Thanks Karen – we’ll definitely be back next year. We had a great time and got to meet and talk to a lot of people.

    You’re right – the children are great salesmen. The best part is they are naturals at it. Jim and I didn’t even coach them! 🙂