Top Three Dangers at Disney World

Having just spent time at Disney World with my 8 children, my wife, and her parents, I decided it was high time I alerted the public to the greatest hazards to be found at the “Most Magical Place on Earth.”

Disney World

Sure, there are parade floats to avoid, high-speed rides to hang on to tightly, and the normal dangers associated with mass transit such as buses and monorails. But there are always helpful, and usually friendly cast members to mitigate those risks. I’m talking about when it’s just you and the crowds- what you need to watch for to keep your family safe.

3. Distracted Drifters.  Oblivious to the flow of the crowds, these phone-focused, magically-mesmerized, or child-led wanderers can create gridlock in an instant. Be especially wary if you are carrying a snack or drink. It only takes one of these traffic hackers to stop you short and stain your shirt.

2. Strollers. Whether it’s a Disney rental, a jogger, or a double-wide, these multi-wheeled menaces are all over, and will rarely yield right-of-way to pedestrians. No ankle is safe, no Achilles tendon unthreatened, so remember: a slower stroller ahead is safer than a speedy stroller behind.

1. Tour Groups.  Hands down, the greatest threat to your safety in the parks is the tour groups. These mobs of teenagers will drive you off walkways, divide your family group, and run you over… all while chanting and singing (often in a foreign language) over your screams of protest and pain. Best bet is to keep an eye out for the flag and always have an alternative route planned.

ABOVE ALL: Beware the triple threat which is the perfect storm of Disney dangers! Yes, all three of these perils can occur all at once; usually after a big, nighttime show. So as you are racing for the park exit be extremely vigilant. After all, there’s nothing magical about a trip to the ER. With these warnings at the forefront of your awareness, hopefully you and your family can vacation happily ever after.

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  • Brilyint1

    Your family is such a light. I always feel happy no matter what I read from you guys. Lovin my soap too! Still wish you would adopt me. Spare granny perhaps?

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      I’m so glad! Anytime you want to come and cook/clean/babysit you just let me know. 😉 PJ

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    OMG I absolutely cannot wait for my soap to get here:) I am so excited to try out pink sugary and tea tree. Man, Im an only child and I agree with Brilyint1.

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      Hope you loved them!! 🙂 PJ

  • Terri

    lol! I only hope that I may someday need to keep your advice in mind!

    • goatmilkstuff

      Some day!! PJ