Ready or Not

My living room is usually in pretty good shape. No toys. Not much clutter. Quick and easy to clean up in case somebody drops by to pick up soap.

But then stuff like this happens:

That is what my living room looks like after Jim and the oldest 3 children returned from a weekend selling soap.

So, what’s a good homemaker to do?


OK – I never said I was a good homemaker.

I imagine most “good” homemakers would clean it up.

Me? I took pictures of it for my blog and then went to bed.

The next day I took another picture of it:

But after a while (ummm – about 8 hours), I figured it wasn’t going anywhere and we all pitched in and got it cleaned up. Good thing nobody showed up during that time. Although don’t worry, I had plenty of excuses ready.

Usually I’m pretty prepared for guests (both expected and unexpected).

But I admit to being caught by surprise yesterday.

During dinner, Hewitt spilled his water all over himself. He immediately stripped down til he was buck naked. I told him to go put his clothes in the hamper and then forgot about it. Apparently he decided that instead of getting dressed, he’d rather stand on the back of the couch (still buck naked) and stare out the window.

The rest of us were still eating dinner when he announced, “Mom, somebody is here.”

Sure enough somebody was driving up the driveway. Fortunately Brett was mortified that Hewitt was naked and ran him into the other room before the doorbell rang.

I immediately went onto the front porch (in case Brett couldn’t get some clothes onto Hewitt). It was a friend of a friend wondering if we would take and raise a baby chick for them.

We happily took the chick (who is enjoying living with our silkie chickens) and invited the people into the house to pick up soap while they were here. I opened the front door and was pleasantly surprised to find that all members of my family were fully clothed.

Ahhh… the trials and tribulations of my life.

And to Shannon’s friend (sorry I forgot your name) – we’re glad you stopped by!




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  • Allena

    that’s hilarious!
    i just wanted to say hey I got the soap the other day and have started using it. I love it! i’m going to be posting a blog on it shortly. thank you for the small samplers b/c i was able to appease my girls with the small soaps for them to use.
    thank you again!

  • Dar

    Ah, you “covered” this very well when we visited…I’m Shannon’s Aunt Darlene. Thanks for taking Peeps. Love the soap.