Hewitt Loves Me

We’re not a big gift-giving family.  Instead, we spend a lot more time doing things with (and for) each other.  So it didn’t come as a surprise (or disappointment) that I didn’t get any store-bought gifts for Mother’s Day this year.

Instead, I got a really awesome gift from Hewitt.  He made me this:

hewitt loves me_blog

It’s an “H” above a heart above an “M”.

I knew what it meant, but just in case I didn’t, Hewitt looked at me with his big eyes and told me, “It says – ‘Hewitt loves Mom’.”

Now that’s the best gift I could have received!

Happy Mother’s Day!






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  • sandra mcgeough

    Hewitt the best gifts are the ones we make ourself,that’s the kind I like.And yours was beautiful.

    • goatmilkstuff

      Amen! PJ