Never Stop Learning

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 015.
I love and value learning.  Not just for the children, but for myself as well.   A “rusty” brain would prevent me from conversing intelligently with my husband and others  about a variety of topics.  So I make sure that I am always learning something about being a better person, mother, wife, and business owner.

Join me on the podcast as I share the importance of learning and some of the ways (and things) I learn.  Fletcher also joins me on this episode and is very enthusiastic about what he wants.

What about you?  Are you learning and growing and challenging yourself? Are you using your “free time” or your “me time” to learn something? Or are you wasting those opportunities on simple amusement? Please leave me a comment and let me know something you’ve read or learned recently.

Thanks for listening!   Join me next week as I discuss building a platform for the future (not a physical platform).


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  • Dianamarvin

    PJ – I enjoyed your podcast and agree wholeheartedly on the need for continuous learning as adults.  Here’s a few thoughts:
    I’ve been re-reading all the James Herriott stories about his days as a country vet in England.  I also ordered the TV episodes from those stories on Netflix and really enjoy watching them with my daughter.  Given your experience taking care of goats and farm life I think your family would enjoy these stories too.  The stories are good for pre-bed time reading – not too long and you don’t have to remember a complicated plot while falling asleep. 

    I also read several books at the same time, I just finished the “Partnership” about 5 political leaders (Secretary Shultz, Secretary Perry, Secretary Kissinger, and Senator Sam Nunn) and their joint decision to seek a world free of nuclear weapons – fascinating political history.

    I graduated from Virginia Tech many year ago and in one of their alumni magazines I saw a story about the “common book project” – where they issue the same book to all the students (20,000 or so) so the entire student body will have read something in common.  Most of the books are significant in one way or another.   I found “The LIfe of Pi” on the list and could not put this fiction story down. 

    I think learning a foreign language is also an excellent way to exercise your brain – I’ve studied Spanish, French, German, and Arabic.  While not fluent in all of them, I’ve enjoyed figuring out how to communicate in all of them.

    Thanks, Diana

    • goatmilkstuff

      We LOVE James Herriott, but I didn’t realize there were tv episodes. When we finish the Little House episodes, I’ll look for those!

      I keep saying I want to learn Italian because I want to go to Italy. Some day soon hopefully I’ll be able to focus enough time to make a real effort at it. LOL

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the podcast!

  • Jonie M.

    Hi PJ,

    Lately, I have been enjoying learning about healthier, natural products for myself & my husband.  I’ve also enjoyed learning more about nutrition and healthier lifestyle alternatives.  Most of this learning has come through reading articles and sites on the internet.  I have learned quite a lot from your podcasts, as well!  Just finding ways to have a healthy body, and keep a safe, comfortable home with Christ as the head of my marriage is enjoyable to me and beneficial.  I feel that every day we wake up is a new day that God has plans for our lives, and there is something to learn and something He has for us to accomplish, even if it’s something we may consider simple or small.

    I do like the book you mentioned about how writing things down can help us accomplish our goals.  I find that is true for me.  I’ve kept a notebook with tidbits from your podcasts, and it has really helped me accomplish tackling clutter and getting better at living a physically healthier lifestyle!  So thank you, PJ!

    I’m thankful that you & Jim had a safe, happy trip to NYC!  I enjoyed Fletcher on the podcast.  I like him….he seems like a talker, and I like that!  🙂

    • Hey Jonie!  Fletcher is my 120% kid.  He puts 120% of himself into everything he does – whether it’s good or bad. LOL

      You’re right – even the small and simple things can have significance at some point, we just need to be aware of them and keep looking for those chances to learn them no matter how significant they appear!


  • HollyNoel

    Thanks PJ! I LOVE your podcasts! I bought a book on Amazon immediately after the podcast finished, and then listened to it again, and again. I love being able to glean listen while I clean, change diapers, talk to my babies, or anything else I need to do as a Mommy of four ( so far). I am so thankful for your podcast! Are there any books you that you love and would recommend for homeschool planning, choosing curriculum, understanding learning styles, and/or any other book that applies to teaching?

    Holly Noel~

    • Hi Holly Noel – I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the podcast.  It’s notes like these that keep me energized about doing them. 🙂

      What book did you get?

      Hmmm… as for books to recommend – a lot of them are older books, but I think they’re probably still good. 

      The learning style books that I liked were from Cynthia Tobias – The Way they Learn was one of them, but she had at least one other one.  

      I loved For the Children’s Sake and For the Family’s Sake by Susan Macaulay.  

      Better Late than Early was a great book and gave me a lot of peace when I had a child that didn’t learn to read til he was ten.

      I would not read any books on choosing curriculum or homeschool planning.  That’s a way straight to frustration in my opinion.  Talk to other moms and do less not more.  That’s my advice. 😉

      If you’re not a naturally organized person, read books on home organization.  That’s more important than books on other people talking about curriculum.

      Find a good phonics program and a good math program that works for you and your children (different children may need different programs, but only in extreme circumstances).  Fill in the rest with living books and follow your children’s interests.   Go lots of places and talk to lots of people.  Don’t worry about anything formal til high school.  Once they hit high school age, then you can worry about curriculum if they plan to go to a 4 year college.


      • Hollynoel

        Thank you PJ…. You have helped so much! I purchased, write it down make it happen. You have poured hope into my house;) I thank God for you;)

        • goatmilkstuff

          I hope you enjoy it!  Let me know what you think of it when you’re done reading it.  Some of the ideas are a little peculiar, but the basic premise is very sound.  


  • Wanda

    PJ, I loved this podcast.  You have inspired me to grab a notebook and begin writing down some goals I have.  You have also inspired me to learn something new.  I read all the time, mostly fiction.  I need to begin to read some non-fiction books in order to learn something new.  I’m not sure what that will be about though.  I need to go walk the aisles of Barnes & Noble, my most favorite place to buy books.  I’m 64 and sometimes I feel like why bother to learn anything new, I don’t have that many years left.  But, then I stop myself and I think, well, I’d better get busy learning all I an then in the years I have left, and, who knows, it may even extend my life!!  How cool would that be?!?!?
    I loved Fletcher’s opinions, views and contributions he made to this “learning” podcast, too.  He sounds so cute and precocious, and not afraid to be his own person…a true individual.  I love that in kids – confidence to be themselves.
    You’re doing a great job with them!

    • Wanda – thank you so much for taking the time to write that – you made my day!  Hearing you say that I’m doing a great job with the children boosts my confidence and lifts my spirits.

      They’re doing lots of brain studies that repeatedly show how important it is for older people to continue to learn new things and stimulate brain activity.  My grandfather had Alzheimers and my mother is terrified of getting it.  She’s convinced Soduko is going to prevent it and regularly does those puzzles.  There’s a very good chance she could be right.

      Let me know what book you find – I’d love to hear if you get any good ones!


  • Landismygame

    I keep talking about starting my own wine label – Dreamkhatcher Wines but that is all I have done. I have read some books about starting your own vineyard or using custom crush but for some reason I still have not moved forward. If you can do your thing and learn you have just pushed me in the direction I should have been going all along. Your kids –  all 8 of them – are amazing! Pray for me and I will be starting a podcast of my own about Dreamkhatcher Wines and Stuff! Everyone needs some one to get behind them and kick them in the butt to do what they really have a desire to do. Thanks for being that person or family that is doing that for me. Keep up the good work and good luck in building your  new soap room. I love the soaps and have given many of them to my friends.

    • goatmilkstuff

      That’s wonderful to hear that we have inspired you to truly get started.  I said a prayer that you’d get off to an amazing start!  If you’re new to podcasting, Cliff Ravenscraft is having a new Podcast A to Z course starting in July.  It’s not cheap, but it’s very worth the investment.  And if you tell him that I sent you, I think you get $100 off.  He’s been super with helping me with my podcast.


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