Strengthen Your Immune System

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 013.
Nothing ruins my plans and my busy schedule the way a family member getting sick does.  Everyone of us has a job and a role and if somebody is sick, we have to scramble and re-prioritize and figure it all out.


So I make sure that I do everything possible to strengthen our immune systems and keep us healthy.  I don’t try to avoid all bacteria and viruses and germs.  Instead I try to build our immune systems so that we can handle whatever gets thrown our way.

During this episode, you’ll also hear a little bit about my upcoming trip and why it’s a first for me.  Plus Greyden joins me and talks about getting sick, staying healthy, and gifts.

I hope this episode gives you some ideas and encouragement to help you strengthen your family’s immune systems now, long before cold and flu season arrive.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve found to be helpful in keeping you healthy.

Thanks for listening!  Join me next week as I talk about when to visit the doctor.


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  • Jonie

    Great podcast, PJ! 🙂

    Your podcasts on health and de-cluttering have been so helpful to me! I enjoyed Greyden’s segment this time, as well!

    I have never used a neti-pot, but I do use something similar…it’s a sinus rinse bottle. It works the same way, but instead of letting gravitiy control the flow, you just hold the bottle upright and squeeze for pressure / force. It does seem to help me avoid sinus problems if I use it about once or twice a week.

    Will be praying for a safe trip to NYC for you & Jim! You guys take care & have a great time!

    • Hi Jonie – thanks! I’ll tell Greyden that. Fletcher is the last one to go, I’ve got to find a good topic for him to join me on. Next week I’m interviewing Kristie, and the week after that I already know what I’m talking about, so I think I’ll have him join me then. 🙂

      The sinus rinse bottle sounds nicer than the neti pot. LOL

      Thanks for the prayers! My excitement is starting to surpass my nerves. 🙂