One Month Ago

It has been one month.


One month since the tornadoes came.

One month since our friends lost their house, but kept their faith in God.

One month since another friend lost her legs, but kept her children.

One month. It’s amazing what a month can bring.

It has brought people across the country together, as they send clothing, food, gift cards, etc. to people who lost everything. It has brought fresh hope to people who lost everything, as they start to regain a sense of normal. It has brought families from all over Indiana and Kentucky, to help with the clean-up. And some people from other states!

There have been many blessings, because of March 2nd, 2012. I could tell you so many stories of people who helped, who sent us things or brought us things to give to our friends. I could tell you about the week after the storm that I spent at home, answering the phone non-stop because everyone wanted to get stuff to us. I could tell you about how my fingers started cramping from typing out so many replies on our FB Page. I could tell you about the lady who used the money she would have spent on her birthday to buy toiletries to send to our area.

I could tell you so many things.

I could tell you how I started sobbing when I saw the row of pines that I used to play in at my friend’s house. They were all down on the ground. I did not even recognize that it was the Lynch’s house, until I saw the big rock that sat by their driveway. It was there, split in half. All of the fruit trees were gone; their house was in pieces in front of me.

But I did not see it.

I could not see anything through my tears.

I still have trouble accepting what I saw on that drive.   And I still have not even seen Henryville yet. I just saw a couple of my friends’ houses.

And I still have nightmares about that day.

But I also have good dreams about it. I dream about how we were able to help people by distributing gift cards, taking boxes and boxes (and trash bag after trash bag) of clothes to our friends.  All the while knowing that whatever they did not use, would go to a distribution center so other people could use it. I dream about the day that we went and helped finish Stephanie Decker’s house, so she could come home from rehab the next day. I dream about taking food to a friend who needed it.

As I sit here writing this, I am almost crying. What happened that day was truly horrible. But I can also see that God had it in control. While I wonder why my friend’s house had to be blown to pieces, I know that God had a reason. While I wonder why Mrs. Decker had to lose her legs, I know that God had a reason. And, if God had a reason for it, then it needed to happen.

In many ways, it seems like it has been a month. In some ways, it seems like it has been 3 months. In other ways, it seems like it has been a week.

I don’t know why the tornadoes that wrecked Clark County, (and many others) happened. But I do know that they happened for a reason. God’s reason. I do not know His reasons, but I know that they will make sense in the long run. To Him at least. They might never make any sense to me. But that’s ok.  Because “we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7



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  • Krista

    Beautiful, Brett. You are a very gifted writer, and what a blessing to have you be there to help your friends and to trust in God and His timing!

  • Beverly Atkins

    Beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  • Pat Lacy

    Brett, what a beautiful story. Please keep writing.

  • Crista

    That is a beautiful post. I’m so glad you published it.

    • Brenda Moser

      Already knew what a specsl young lady Brett is……..WOW!!!!! You must be so proud PJ and Jim!!

  • Beautifully written, Brett.

  • Tina

    Brett, this is absolutely beautiful! It is wonderful that you, being so young, care about things like this! There are some young people that don’t.

  • Whitney Lynch

    Brett, this is beautiful. You are a very special young lady who has been a blessing to me over the years we’ve know each other. This writing is wonderfully written and points to God’s plan in all this. Keep it up 🙂

  • understanding, but trust He’s got all under control. We just follow, rejoice, and obey. Thank you, Brett!

    Having been through this whole, crazy thing first-hand, it brings even more joy to my soul knowing that others,
    including you, my dear friend, have seen that……there’s more than meets the eye. That we’re not to lean
    on our own understanding………like when my teen boys recovered NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING from their room after the storm. Like when I lost a few other special pictures, family videos, etc, and things I haven’t
    even realized are missing yet.
    But, really, most of all there’s joy in my heart, There’s been so much good
    come from this thing that God allowed for some reason, including one person I have a personal connection
    with now, even though I’ve never met her, and don’t even know her name – but that’s another story –
    coming to know Jesus as her Savior.
    This “stuff”, including our destroyed home AND the one we will build
    in the same spot where there’s just rubble now, is just that…..STUFF and temporary…. only for this earth. Jesus is
    building MANSIONS for US (if we’ve made Him our Lord) in HEAVEN. No tornado will blow it to pieces. And you won’t have to have a MORTGAGE on it, either!!!!

    God Bless EVERY ONE of you who reached out to us. You’ll never know how you helped the Lynch Family. Any may the God who made Heaven and Earth and has it all planned out continue to bless you,
    Brett, and your dear family whom we count as precious friends!!!

    PS- Can you all help us plant some pine trees this Fall???!!!!! Maybe some of YOUR children will get
    to play in them, Brett!!!

    • I will definitely come out and plant pines with you this fall! 🙂 Love you guys!


  • Brett

    Very inspiring. You are a wonderful inspiration to many. Our Daughter is editor for a Adoption Magazine.
    You are on the right path 🙂 Good luck to you !.
    Your parents sure are raising a wonderful family

  • Susan Hendricks

    What a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jonie McCormick

    So, so true Brett. When we don’t always understand, it’s good to know we trust the One who does. 🙂 You are a strong young woman. Your writing was an uplift to me today.

    I recently bought Rebecca St. James’ latest cd which includes a song called ‘You Make Everything Beautiful’. In the liner notes, Rebecca talks about “trusting that God works all things together for good” and that “no pain is wasted with God”. God truly can give beauty for ashes, and what you’ve written expresses that so lovely, Brett.

    BTW, this isn’t my video, but here is a link to the RSJ song I mentioned above.

    May God continue to bless you & your family, Brett! Keep on writing….you are a blessing to others!

  • Brett truly wrote from the heart and she did it so beautifully. I am not surprised by her ability to share her sentiments in such an inspiring and courageous way because she reminds me of you–her amazing, smart, kind-hearted and beautiful Mom. Every day I thank God for allowing me to have friends like you. Love to all. xoxo.

  • Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

  • Gabrielle C.

    Beautifully written Brett! You have a wonderful heart friend!