Computer Woes

Aaaahhhh….. It’s been a long week.

My computer crashed. I lost most of my photos. All of my emails. Most of my files.

Such a bummer.

After the first time it died, we took it to our local teen computer genius. He managed to get it up and running again. I was in the middle of downloading files off of it when it died for good. Nobody has been able to get the rest of my stuff off of it.

Last I heard they were freezing the hard drive in the hopes that would do something??

Anyway. I have a new computer – a laptop. I love it. But it is taking me forever to set it up. Mostly because my dead computer was old and all the programs on it were old.

I didn’t post on the blog for so long because the new computer wouldn’t let me get on blogger. Jim took some time and fixed that for me. (Thanks, honey!)

I still need to get new website software – apparently they don’t make microsoft frontpage any more. And I’m only on a trial verson of MS Office. But other than those, I think I might be almost back to normal.

Now, if they could just get my photos off that frozen hard drive.





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  • karyn and todd

    make sure to put all your new photos on flickr, and disc, and print them, and….oh, i am so sad about your pictures. : {

  • Dee from Downunder

    So sorry to hear about your photos, I hope they are salvageable. I have learnt the hard way too… always back up your files!