Now I Understand!

Warning: Santa spoiler alert! Not for all young eyes!!

Not only is it the holiday season, which is our busiest time of year. But we recently got news that we are going to be in the January edition of Oprah magazine. So we’re trying not to get too low on any of our inventory. But after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we were really low on lotion sticks and lip balms.  So we made… a… LOT!

Goat Milk Stuff

Last night, we sat around the fireplace to label everything we made. It was a major job. It took Brett, Colter, Emery, Fletcher, Greyden, Indigo, and I about four hours to get it all done.

While we were working we sat around talking and listening to Christmas songs.

During this labeling marathon, the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” came on.

I don’t want to get into a debate with anyone, but at our house, Santa Claus isn’t real. He’s a Christmas figure.  We allow the children to interact with “Santa” if we come across him, but the children know that any Santa Claus they see is just a man playing dress up.

A few minutes after the song, Emery  asked me a question.

Emery: “Mom, what does the Bible call that? You know, it’s a bad thing?”

Me: “Adultery?”

(Don’t ask me how I knew what he was talking about)

Emery: “Yeah, that’s it.”


Me: “Emery, is Santa Claus real?”

Emery: “No.”

Me: “Then who was Mommy kissing?”

Emery: “Some guy?”

Me: “No… who would have been dressed like Santa Claus that Mommy would have been kissing?”

Emery: “Ummmm…..”

Me: “Daddy perhaps?”

Blank stare…

Emery: “OH!!”

At which point he started giggling uncontrollably at the realization of what the song was actually about.

I love it when we have fun together as a family when we’re working.  It’s just the way I want Goat Milk Stuff to always be!




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  • Ha! Cute. I love the pictures and descriptions of you kids! I am a new follower and will be looking forward to reading your posts.

  • thats a lot of lotion! 🙂 sweet memories tho I am sure. and love the story you told. We dont do santa here but Caleb who is 7 has been asking if he can pretend santa is real, so that he can put out cookies for him – funny huh? we told him he was more than welcome to do that.

    I find it funny how he found importance in that detail yet didnt even mention presents 😉

  • It always amazes me too the things that become “important” to children. Part of the reason I do very little planning. LOL