Soap Suds

In the soap room we lay towels down underneath our molds, so that when we pour the raw soap into the molds, any spills land on the towels. It had been quite a while since the towels were washed and they were pretty covered in soap. So when I put them in the laundry, I didn’t add any laundry detergent.

It didn’t matter – there was still too much soap.

It took 3 washes to get rid of all the suds.




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  • Brooke

    O my I bet that was fun to clean up!

    I just found your soap through the giveaway your having! I love it….it looks like so very much fun! I love how your kids help to make it!

    Have a lovely evening!


  • some small farmers

    That looks like it took several washes to come clean 🙂

    I saw a post you had put on Homesteading Today about a grain roller, the Marga. We are also looking for one, and I was wondering, how did it hold up for you? Would love to hear back from you, if you can find the time with all the little ones to care for!


  • PJ Jonas

    Yep, it took Cole quite a while to clean it up. 🙂

    Kathryn – the marga is still doing very well, I would definitely recommend it.


  • some small farmers

    Then I will definitely consider it. Our children love their oatmeal. Thanks!