Ask a Jonas — Hewitt & A New Soap Scent

We get asked lots of questions when we’re doing farm toursselling soap at craft fairs, or simply running errands.  Since most of those answers are heard only by the person who asked, we decided to share some of the common questions here on the blog.  And of course you can ask a question of your own!

Hewitt, if you could create a new soap scent, what would it be? ~EFranks1985

Hewitt:  That is really really hard.   I think I would call it WAR soap.  It would smell like dirty boys with wooden swords “play” fighting!   I think everyone who orders it should get a wooden sword or shield.    When you’re fighting you get really dirty.  So when you use that soap, you’ll still smell like you’re fighting but you’ll be clean.  I’d paint it like two people were fighting with wooden swords. It would be the awesomest soap ever!

Signature Hewitt

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  • Laura

    Oh my goodness! My sons would love that soap. 🙂

    Shipping on wooden swords/shields might be a bit expensive, though. You might have to limit those to the retail room.

    • Hewitt thinks that it would sell very well if we made it. 😉

    • goatmilkstuff

      LOL – that would work. PJ