Jade and the Umbrella

A couple of weeks ago, we bought some big red and white striped umbrellas to keep in the soaproom, so that we could let people on tours use them if it was raining. Well, we haven’t had a tour use them yet, but the Jonas family has been loving them.

The other day it was raining, and Jade was going back to the house for lunch. So she grabbed one of the umbrellas and opened it, tried to walk out the door, and got stuck.

Jade umbrella

She tried to twist the umbrella, but it was too big.

Jade umbrella_1

Her solution to the problem? Open the garage door.

Jade umbrella_2

Safely out of the soaproom, with her umbrella guarding her from the rain, she started walking back to the house, singing a song.

Jade umbrella_3

She didn’t get wet at all! Of course, a bunch of rain came into the soaproom through the garage door – which she left open – but she wasn’t wet.

Jade umbrella_4

And she was very happy about that.



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  • RaD3321

    Yay! A real post!

    I know you guys are probably busy with the holidays and all, but I’ve really missed your real posts.

    • We have been insanely busy, which is why most of the posts have been quotes, photos, and our videos. As we come around the other side of the holidays, I’m hoping to get back to regular posts!

    • goatmilkstuff

      Thanks for letting us know that you miss them. That means a lot to me. We’re in kidding season now, so all of those posts will be up. I’m training somebody to help me with customer service, so that will hopefully free up some of my time to get back to blogging. 🙂 PJ