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We get asked lots of questions when we’re doing farm toursselling soap at craft fairs, or simply running errands.  Since most of those answers are heard only by the person who asked, we decided to share some of the common questions here on the blog.  And of course you can ask a question of your own!

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Brett, what are you planning on doing for college? ~Emily

Colter and I are going to work on our Business Associates Degrees at the local community college. Classes start on August 25th, and I’m super excited!

We’re taking it easy this first semester, with only seven credit hours. One credit hour is the mandatory IVYT 101, the “First Year Seminar”, and the other two classes are Business 101 and Business 105.

This is going to be such a new experience for us! I had to go school shopping for the first time in my life the other day – I’d never bought a backpack before! I asked several friends who are also going to Ivy Tech what was on their “can’t do without” college supply list, made my list, made myself a budget, and went out and got everything I needed.

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I’m super excited to take this next big step in my life! I have no idea what to expect – I’ve never done anything like this, unless you count going on Outward Bound, which was also a totally new (and awesome) experience.

So, because I’m brand new to all of this, what’s your advice for me? One friend told me to “think that every homework assignment is due at the next class. You’ll never procrastinate, because it has to be done before the next class, and then it’s done.”

That was probably the best bit of advice I’ve gotten, so far.

I’d love to hear what you think!




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  • Heidi

    Hi Brett, I was a science major so I know my experience was a bit different
    to what you will have, but my advise is: Don’t be afraid to work with others on
    your homework. Unlike school before college is less about an individual grade
    and more about thoroughly understanding the material’s concepts. As one of my
    professors said to me, the idea is to understand each day so that if need be you
    could turn around and teach it the next. I hope that helps, and good luck.

    • Thank you so much, Heidi! That makes a lot of sense. I like what your professor said!

  • Skyblue2

    I majored in History with teaching certification originally, then library science for master’s. I would try not to over stress myself at first, but listen up to the prof and his/her requirements from the first day. Attendance was a very high priority with me and turning in each assignment on time. Ask the professor if not clear on requirements. If the professor is asking too much and some do, I would consider dropping the class and retaking it under a different instructor. I personally think some profs are on an ego trip and you do have a choice about taking the course. It’s your money you are paying for the course and not theirs. If the prof is requiring too much or unclear I would also ask others, students and those who know about the professor. I would not put too much on myself by trying to do everything before the next class as that was impossible in the courses I took and would be a sure-fire failure. Take it easy and take necessary rest and recreation too in order to be at your best. These days it is easy to overdo, over stress and so forth. Ask your Mom and Dad too. Don’t take trash from a professor. They are not perfect. You can reschedule. Summer courses sometimes don’t require as much as say a fall or winter course. Sorry if I sound a little cynical, but look out for yourself! Take care and God bless you!

    • Thank you so much for the advice! My professors have been really nice so far, and I’m keeping up with the homework without stressing too much. 🙂

  • Janine Ann Martinez

    enjoy your college experience; you picked a great major!

  • Annette

    Remember that many things you will learn about “business” you actually already have a great grasp of by being in a family business. So as you learn the jargon of marketing always relate it to experiences you have had in your family business. It will help make the connection and you will do better on tests. Professors love it when you can relate real life to jargon. Have fun!

    • That’s what I’ve been doing – and my professor loves when I speak up in class. It’s working really well so far! 🙂

    • That’s very true! My professor loved all of the real life examples I could share with the class. 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

      • Sadie Miki

        I am happy to hear you are sharing your business experiences with your professor and fellow students. I have been in marketing / advertising for many years and know that book smarts is nothing compared to real life know-how. Go forth and create the next generation of marketing magic!