Don’t Wish Away Today

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 061.
It is so tempting to look at the difficulties of our lives at this very moment, and to wish for them to be over.  Or to be excited about the next thing that is happening in our lives.


And while it’s great to be excited and plan for the future, we have to be careful to not wish away today.  Despite the difficulties, we need to fully engage in every phase of our life.

Can you relate to any of these comments?

I’m 38 weeks pregnant. In some ways I’m ready to have this birth over and a baby in arms. In others, I have so much to do and I know time with my two girls will never be quite the same again. But I don’t feel like doing much right now!
– Andrea

Oh my gosh, PJ. I really struggle with this. I have two little ones under 3 and I just want to be done with diapers and crying and the little one not walking or talking… I know I need to cherish this time, but it’s so hard when I’m SO TIRED! (And when I usually have poop on me, LOL!)
– Dana

I have been wishing time away for two reasons…One, I’m 39 weeks pregnant, and I just want my baby to get here! Also, the winter thing. I am so done with snow, ice and freezing temps. I want green grass and sunshine!
– Jenna

I spent two years wishing time away. My husband was waiting for an organ transplant. When that day finally arrived I decided that I would no longer wish time away and enjoy EVERY day. That was 15 years ago. We thank God and his donor family for giving this precious gift.
– Norine

During this episode, I share some of my struggles in this area and share some strategies to help you not wish away what you’re currently dealing with.  My hope is that after listening to this podcast, you can find yourself relating more to these comments:

You know, I would find myself wishing it was the weekend etc… But then I realized I was wishing my life away and couldn’t reclaim those moments past. So I have been trying to ‘Live the moment’ so to speak, hard to do in a culture that rehashes past news event over and over and places such large emphasis on planning every moment of the future.
– Susan

No, I am really working on living and loving the moment of time I am currently in. It has made winter much prettier to me and more enjoyable. I should have done this long ago.
– Maureen

Thanks for listening!  Please join me next week when I discuss love languages and how they affect your family.


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  • Nikki

    PJ, thanks for this. I found your podcasts randomly on iTunes, and enjoyed the “no perfect moms” episodes, and then heard this one on my way home today. It was so what I needed to hear. I have a beautiful 8 month old boy, but I sometimes find myself wishing that this baby stage would hurry up and pass – as I am also finishing my law degree and find the sleepless nights to be a bit overwhelming some days. Your podcast reminded me of how incredibly fortunate I am, and how this is a really special moment in life – and I came home and snuggled both of my boys a little more because of it. Thank you for the gentle reminder of gratitude.

    • goatmilkstuff

      I’m so glad that it helped! That’s exactly what I hoped it would do. I said a prayer for you for peace and joy and lots of sleep!! PJ

  • Lanita Adams

    My husband is in prison and we just want him to be out. We are still able to enjoy working as a couple through the experience. It has been able to be a good experience for us as a couple but it is not always easy. There are pros to having him in like not having the restrictions of probation and I only have to cook for one person. The hard things we make the best of and can still be romantic and share reading our bibles just in different ways than if we were together.

    • goatmilkstuff

      That is not an easy time to be going through, Lanita. I’m so glad to hear that you are working together as a couple despite the separation. I prayed that this time apart would strengthen your relationship with each other and with God. PJ