Interview with Karyn Ranzau of Little Pink Ladybug

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 012.
If you’ve ever had an idea that you think you may be able to turn into a family business, you’ll want to listen to today’s podcast.  I discuss the benefits of attending craft fairs or festivals to do market research for your new or potential business.

karyn ranzau

Then I play an interview that I recorded with Karyn Ranzau, the owner of Little Pink Ladybug.   In addition to pre-made hairbows, Little Pink Ladybug offers a patented template that teaches others how to create their own bows.  She also has several information products that show you how to sculpt particular hairbows.  As another entrepreneur who turned a hobby into a business and obtained patents, Karyn has some great insight to share.

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Thanks for listening!  Please join me next week as I talk about how to strengthen your immune system.


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