The children wanted to do something special a while ago. I told them the only way we’d be able to go was if we got all the soap unmolded and cut before we had to leave.


They were so motivated, they decided to get up early and get it done.

Children: “Mom, do we have any extra alarm clocks?”

Me: “Nope.”

Children: “Can we use your alarm clock?”

Me: “Nope.”

I thought that was the end of it. But the next morning, before our alarm went off, I heard the back door slam. Apparently the children had woken up without an alarm clock and headed out to unmold the soap.

I was partly right. And I was partly wrong.

The children had woken up. But they did not wake up without an alarm clock. It turns out they made their own alarm clock.

First, they used a computer to record 5 minutes of silence. After that they recorded 3 minutes of them screaming and hollering. Then Brett repeated the 5 minutes of silence 12 times to make an hour of silence. She created a playlist that would play that hour of silence 9 times before it played the 3 minutes of screaming.

They set one of the computers to a mode where it would not hibernate, then at 9:00 at night they set the playlist to begin. And at exactly 6:00 am they heard lots and lots of screaming and they all woke up!


Brett (the mastermind) is homeschooled!




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  • BlessedRUs

    Way to go, Brett!!

  • Shari

    Giggling over here. Now, where was the special place/thing they wanted to do?

  • Birdie

    Very clever!

  • PJ Jonas

    Shari – It was a get together with some of the church families. But it lasted most of the day. If the soap doesn't come out of the molds and get cut on time, then it breaks all the wires on our cutters!