Growing Up!

Colter and I have started to help Mom with the computer work for Goat Milk Stuff. We have had a lot of fun helping her with small things before, but we finally have our “jobs”. Colter is going to be managing the Distributors, and doing a lot of the background work. Keeping everything running smoothly.

I am now the main person in charge of publicizing the contests, tweeting, and I’ll help Mom take care of our FB fans. I have been doing the twitter for a while now. I’m loving it!! It is so much fun to be able to talk to all of our wonderful friends and fans! What is really fun is having a conversation in twitter… It is very interesting!

We spent almost all morning just relaxing and doing computer work. Towards 3:00 Dad said, “The one downside about Colter doing computer work is that he is not going to be burning any calories. After dinner, when he acts like a maniac anyway, he is going to turn into a…”

At this point, Dad raised his arms in the air and started shaking his head, his body, and his arms, to show that Colter would act like an out of control crazy boy.

That would have been fine, except for the fact that Dad’s cup wasn’t all the way empty. So when he started shaking everything, the water flew out of the cup and across the room.

Everyone (except Dad) started giggling like crazy!

Dad: “Am I wrong?”

Mom: “Nope. You’re right, Colter needs to spend more energy. Colter, drop and give me 35 push-ups”.

Colter: “C’mon!!”

So he dropped and started doing push ups. But when he saw Emery, he said…

Colter: “Emery, drop and do them with me”.

Emery: “Why? Umm…Ok!”

So he dropped like this:

What he did was drop onto Colter! That way Colter was bearing Emery’s weight AND his own! Colter was not happy with him. The rest of us were just staring at them and laughing till our stomachs ached!

After Emery got off he said, “Those were the easiest push ups I have done ever!!!”

Colter said, “You wanna do it with ME on top?!?”  Emery ran off to the soap room before Mom could make him. LOL

And then Mom told Colter, he still had to do his 35. Those ones did not count.



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