Hurricane Ike Damage

I thought I’d share with you a photo of our our Hurricane Ike damage. Most people in our area suffered heavy tree damage. All the trees on our property are young fruit trees that we’ve planted. Fortunately they all survived.

Unfortunately our sliding glass door didn’t.

But there was some good news. First, the door is 2 panes, and it was only the single outside pane that shattered. Second, it didn’t actually break until Monday after the wind had died down. And third? Well, the screen door has been broken since we bought the house, and now we have a reason to replace the whole thing… eventually.

I was doing my best to clean up all the glass and I asked Cole to get me the shop vac. There was only one problem with that – we had no power!

The power is now back on. I really must get the shop vac and finish the job!




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