For Jim’s 40th birthday, I took everyone on a surprise vacation to the Red River Gorge area in Kentucky.  We rented a house and spent our days hiking, studying nature, playing, and enjoying the family.



On our very first hike, Jim pointed out some moss to Indigo.  Indi quickly became fascinated with moss and noticed it everywhere we hiked.  She would touch it, feel it, play with it, and ask questions about it.

Indigo noticed there were different types of moss and we discussed those differences.  She studied what grew around the moss and where she tended to find the moss.  We looked at what bugs were crawling around in it.  We talked about the expression, “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” and discussed what it meant.

Here is what five year old Indigo has to say about moss:

“Moss digs into wood.  It feels really good and it’s very soft.  It’s green.  There is a short kind and there is a thick kind.  There is ones that look like trees but they’re a little bit tall, they’re like the ones that are babies.  I like the short kind the best because it’s the lightest and is very good.  There are snails on some of the moss.  We don’t have any moss at our house because God didn’t put it there.”


Indigo is homeschooled.




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