Ginger and Jade

Our house cat, Ginger, is a Daddy’s girl.

ginger and jim_blog

But Jade thinks that Ginger is hers, and will spend hours with her. Ginger has always been good with Jade, despite hours of too much snuggle time.

ginger looking out the window_blog

Bonus points if she gets to spend time with Daddy and Jade at the same time! (This picture is from 2010 – look at how young Jade looks!)


Now that she’s older and has more responsibility, Jade doesn’t have as much time to snuggle with Ginger. And when she does, Ginger doesn’t want to snuggle, Ginger wants to play.

ginger and jade_blog

But Ginger is always ready to take a picture!

ginger and jade_blog_1

Okay, Ginger doesn’t really like pictures.

Especially with Jade.

Ginger is a wonderful cat. Her official job is “mouse catcher” but she spends plenty of time snuggling and playing with the family! If you keep an eye on some of our new videos, you might find Ginger sitting in the background, and she makes an appearance in the blooper video, which will be coming out soon!

ginger sitting on couch_blog

We love our “Gingy”. 🙂



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