Homeschool Creativity – Photography

I think that one of the biggest strengths to homeschooling is that my children get to learn the things that interest them. Because it is self-directed, they often learn faster and retain the information longer. They make connections and learn how to think for themselves instead of just memorizing facts that they will later forget.

Brett has taken an interest lately in my camera*. She’s been taking the same photo on all different settings and then seeing how that affects the photograph.

Which is a great learning tool, but really annoying when I’m looking for photos on my camera disc and there are 356 pictures of a pumpkin sitting on our front porch.


Her latest experiment involves taking photos with no flash and a mirror like this one:


It’s in black and white because she discovered that if you take a photo without the flash in a room with florescent lighting, the picture comes out very yellow.

BUT… if you turn them black and white, then you can’t tell!

I’ve been encouraging her experimentation. I’m so thankful that we have digital cameras and can’t imagine if it were still film! One of the reasons she’s practicing is because she wants to start creating her own line of greeting cards based on her photographs. She’s very excited about it, so we’re supporting her as much as we can.

As I was going through her photos, most of them were plants with frost on them:




Then in the middle I found this one isolated photo:

I asked her why she took that. She said, “I did my hair and I wanted to see what it looked like.”

Just another example of a great, creative solution!





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