A Helping Machine

December was a pretty hectic month for Goat Milk Stuff. We were shipping lots and lots of orders while keeping up with bagging soap and making ‘Other Stuff’.

My sister-in-law, Heather, kindly offered to come down one weekend to help. It was great. That was actually the weekend that we were selling soap at the Stewart Christmas Show at the Louisville Fairgrounds.  So having an extra adult was huge!

Heather helped cook.  She helped clean (I saw a mop out at one point). She helped bag soap.  She helped label lip balms and lotion sticks.  She helped pour candles.  She helped make sugar scrubs.  She helped bathe little children.

She was a machine.  But with all the work she did over the entire weekend, we only got one photo of her.


Yep, she worked hard and she deserved her rest! (And Indigo is such a great snuggler)! Thanks, Heather!!


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