A Cup Of Fruit

Mom and Dad have granola with cut up fruit and goat milk for breakfast. Mom likes strawberries and blueberries best. But they’ll also have bananas or peaches too.

A few days ago, Dad asked Greyden and Hewitt to get his and Mom’s breakfast ready. He told them that they each needed a cup of cut up fruit – whichever fruit the boys could find.

Then he and mom went to exercise (they’re doing P90X).

When Mom and Dad came down, this is what they found:

Yes, that is two half cups of blueberries that had been cut in half.

The boys spent over 20 minutes cutting each and every blueberry in half for Mom and Dad.

Mom just laughed and laughed and said, “Now that’s love!”


PJ adds: And I was glad that it’s not just me who doesn’t always clarify my directions sufficiently.

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