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I love books.  Not just a little. A lot. Other than chocolate, it is my biggest addiction.  I’ve always considered that two of my main jobs as a homeschooling mom is to teach my children to love to read and to find amazing books to set before them.


I was completely amazed when we moved to Southern Indiana – there are no book stores here! Well, there is a little one in the little mall. But there are no Barnes & Noble or Borders mega book stores.

So depressing.

I admit to going to Louisville a couple of times to visit their book stores, but I soon gave that up. I now mostly order my books through Amazon or homeschooling catalogs.

Anyway, I had to share with you a book that I just got the children. I read it the other night and thought it was such a great story. It is called Frindle* by Andrew Clements.

Brett had already read the book and told me it was good. She was right. I picked up the book and didn’t put it down until I had finished reading it.

The basic storyline is that Nick – a smart fifth grader – meets his match in his language teacher, Mrs. Granger. After having to do a report on where words come from, Nick gets a great idea to make up a new word. Soon, he has the whole school (and town) calling pens by Nick’s new word – frindle. How far will the new word go? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out.

This was a really cute story and would make an excellent read aloud. In fact, I plan for it to be the next book I read to the children.   Just as soon as Jim finishes reading it.





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