Jade: “I think my favorite baby goat so far is Freedom.”
Indigo: “I thought it was Zollipop?”
Jade: “Zollipop too.”
Indigo: “What about Velvet?”
Jade: “Well of course!”
Indigo: “How many favorites do you have?”
Jade: “Eh, only ten or so.”

Emery: “So those babies would be the other baby’s Grand-Cousins.”
Brett: “I don’t think that’s a thing.”
Emery: “It is now. Deal with it.”

Emery: “You can tell I’m in bad shape when I only do 30 pullups and 90 pushups.”
Brett: “…um, I do not think that word means what you think it means.”
Emery: “What word?”
Brett: “Bad shape.”

Brett: “Let me have some of that pot pie.”
Colter: “No, it’s mine.”
Brett: “There’s another one in the fridge; just let me have a bite or two of that one.”
Colter: “I ate the first half of this pot pie, and I want to eat the second half. Go get your own pot pie.”

Jim: “The scrapings in the bottom of the bucket is actually enough sourdough starter to feed?”
PJ: “Yeah, that’s like the size of a normal family’s starter.”

Greyden: “You look like you’re feeling better this morning.”
Colter: “I may look like I’m feeling better, but I can hear the drums of Khazad-Dum in my head.”
Brett: “Yeah, but you’re feeling better, because you’re making Lord of the Rings references.”

Indigo: “Mom, do you know what I would like for my birthday?”
PJ: “No, what?”
Indigo: “The next level in my math book.”
PJ: “I think I can make that happen.”

Jade: “Why were the stockings hung by the chimney with cake?”
Brett: “What?”
Jade: “You know in that Christmas rhyme, the stockings were hung by the chimney with cake?”
Colter: “With care, Jade. It’s with care.”

Emery: “I’ll be seventeen in two months.”
Hewitt: “That’s not too old.”
Brett: “I’ll be twenty-one in ten months.”
Hewitt: “You’re SO OLD.”
Brett: “Oh gee thanks.”

Indigo: “I have a whole shelf in my room with my books and the books I really love.”
Brett: “So you mean all of my books.”
Indigo: “Yeah, basically.”

Fletcher: “Has anyone seen Emery?”
Brett: “He’s asleep on the couch with his boots still on. I think he was probably out in the barn pretty late.”
Fletcher: “He has his boots ON the couch?”
Brett (laughing): “No, he knows better than that. His feet are hanging off.”