It’s Hewitt’s birthday! He’s twelve years old now!

Happy 11th Birthday Hewitt!

I can’t believe that my baby brother just turned ELEVEN. While we usually have breakfast birthday cake, occasionally we are too busy to make it. Sometimes the birthday person insists that they want breakfast birthday cake, and we’ll do it, but most of the time the birthday kid will let us substitute birthday donuts instead. […]

Happy 8th Birthday Jade!

I can’t believe my little fire cracker is 8! Since Jade’s birthday is the 4th of July we had lots of family visiting, which meant lots of breakfast birthday cake! Looking back at the last few years, you can really see how she has grown. Jade’s 7th Birthday (2014): Jade’s 6th Birthday (2013): Keeping our tradition, Jade […]

Happy Birthday Emery!

Emery turned fifteen last week! Hewitt put all of the candles on his cake – and made sure to put them as far apart as he could. Because, you know, if you don’t blow out all of your candles in one blow you’re a failure or something like that. 😉 But Emery had no trouble at […]

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I’m just now getting around to writing the blog post about it. Whoops! The most notable thing about this birthday was that we all got up at 6:00, so everyone looks extremely tired – and several people are still wearing their pajamas. LOL One of our […]

Throwback Thursday – How cute is Hewitt on his birthday!

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was Mom’s birthday! The last time we had a birthday blog post for Mom was in 2009, when she wrote a blog post called “Happy Birthday To Me”. It’s been a while. LOL One of my favorite parts of our birthday celebration is that we get a picture of the birthday boy/girl with everyone […]

Happy 18th Birthday, Brett!

I can’t believe my daughter is now considered an adult.  She’s always acted like a “little adult”.  But now her age (and not just her attitude) declares her an adult.  Despite this momentous occasion, we still celebrated her birthday the same way. She still had a birthday cake… She still hugged all of her siblings […]

Happy Birthday, Greyden!

A couple of weeks ago, our Grey-Bear turned 12! The other kids didn’t think that he could blow out all twelve candles with one blow, but he did! After eating breakfast birthday cake, one of our birthday traditions, we moved on to another tradition – the birthday hugs! Greyden wanted to pick everyone up to […]

Happy Birthday, Hewitt!

My baby brother is now ten! Hewitt spent the day before his birthday counting down. “Ten hours, Brett! Ten hours until I’m ten!” He was really excited because, “I won’t be a single digit anymore!” He blew out the ten candles on his Breakfast Birthday Cake easily. When he started cutting the pieces and lifting […]